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The Arrivals Video Review

The Arrivals is one of the most famous YouTube series ever created, and holds special significance for the Muslim world. Although probably not presented in the most ‘halal’ manner, it touches on many issues that are ignored by present day scholars, and contains a vast amount of useful information for Muslims living in modern society. …

The Arrivals Video Review

The Arrivals is one of the most famous YouTube series ever created, and holds special significance for the Muslim world. Although probably not presented in the most ‘halal’ manner, it touches on many issues that are ignored by present day scholars, and contains a vast amount of useful information for Muslims living in modern society.

I guess you could say that the main aim of The Arrivals is to educate Muslims on the tactics used by Satan, and give them a insight into what really goes on behind the scenes in the running of the world. The value of the content can not be questioned, but the presentation of it certainly can.

The Arrivals contains a lot of music, and in parts have a lot of images and scenes straight from the western world, including scantily clad women. If you are a religious Muslim living in an Islamic society, then it may be better to avoid watching The Arrivals, but if you are already living in the Western World and are used to seeing these images left, right and centre in the street, then you can definitely benefit from the content in The Arrivals.

A major drawback of The Arrivals is that much of the information is not narrated. Instead, the makers use text on screen to display the commentary throughout the series. For this reason watching it requires your full concentration, unlike a regular documentary where you can momentarily look away and still be able to hear the narrator’s voice.



One of the recurring topics covered in The Arrivals is symbolism. People use symbols or hand signs in every day life which have an attached meaning, such as a red card in soccer, skull and bones to mean poisonous, or a thumbs up to show you are ok. It is no different with the Illuminati, as they use a host of hidden symbolism to declare facts and information to their initiates. Corporate logos are parliamentary shields are covered in depth, including a great piece on the British Coat of Arms. Products such as cigarettes and alcohol also receive a good evaluation, and you will find out the true meaning of the Skull and Bones.

The symbolism is also found in statues and monuments around the world, and many examples are shown. It is even found throughout religious structures such as churches. But it runs a lot deeper than this, and the symbolism is exposed in pictures and films, which include nude images and sexual objects hidden in the background. Muslims will be familar with the one-eyed Dajjal, and the Illuminati worship their one eyed master by displaying the eye. Many examples are covered and it allows us to see which corporations and entities are working for Satan.

Symbolism is also rampant throughout both modern and ancient architecture. Pyramid, Octogon and Dome structures are commonly used in constructions, and they each have a relationship with the channelling of energy. Churches often feature particular structures, and have you ever wondered how the mosques changed from the simple designs in the days of the Sahabah, to the dome structures we see everywhere today. Of course the Obelisk, the most evil of Satanic architecture, receives decent coverage too.

One of the more interesting segments of The Arrivals covers hidden imagery in cartoons and pictures. The cartoonist will start with a sexual image of some description, mostly of the human private parts, and then draw around it and create a cartoon. By the end the sexual image is not noticeable, and they are then presented to children subliminally through their cartoons. Disney is a major offender and definitely working for the Dark Side.

The other most interesting segment would have to be the hidden symbolism in the 9-11 inside job. We find out that the pet goat book being read by President George Bush at the children’s school when the planes hit has previously been banned because of the evil satanic rituals it contains, and that reading it upside down was not an accident. The Arrivals also claims that George Bush is actually the grandson of Aleister Crowley, one of the most famous Satanists of the last century.

A lot can be learned from the interview with a former Illuminati operative, as he presents information on Hypnotism being Satanic, how Satan tutored Charles Darwin, and ETs actually being the Jinn. Future predictions are also covered in The Arrivals, such as the collapse of the US Dollar, the micro-chipping of the world’s population, and the end times including the arrival of the Dajjal, the Madhi, and Jesus.

The Arrivals wouldn’t be complete without covering the Israeli influence on the world. They present information to show that Hollywood deliberately portrays a negative image of Arabs in its movies to create and maintain support for the illegal state of Israel. It also shows how the surrounding nations are in bed with Israel and provide secret support, while at the same time many Rabbis inside Israel are calling for it to be abolished in favour of the original Palestine and fair Muslim rulers.

Some of the other topics covered by The Arrivals include:

  • Jewish Magic
  • Promotion of Sex through magazines, music, and Hollywood
  • Celebrities being used to transmit subliminal messages
  • Many songs actually being a worship of Satan
  • Origins of Hollywood
  • The Satanic Eye being hidden throughout movies
  • Attempts to have the public believe in Aliens to increase control
  • How the public is brainwashed by the TV
  • The Jinn & Genies connection
  • Illuminati portrayal of Horus as Jesus
  • Secrets of dimensional travel and the checkered floor
  • Digging under Al Aqsa mosque by the Zionist Jews
  • Illuminati plans for the resurrection of the Temple of Solomon
  • Bloodlines of Royal Families and the US presidents



The Arrivals is widely available on the internet, both on YouTube and through torrents. It was originally an internet series, and YouTube was its original platform for release. While most the series was readily available for viewing, a few of the episodes became unavailable due to action taken by YouTube. It was created by YouTube users Noreagaaa and Achernahr, of whom claim they were inspired by the works of Hashem Films.

The makers of The Arrivals later released a version entitled ‘The Arrivals Reloaded’. It was essentially a remake of the original series, with supposedly vital new information added in. The new format was sold on DVD, and created in a news style documentary format. The inclusion of a commentator was a welcome addition, but the new series never lived up to the original in terms of content. If a viewer wants to learn from The Arrivals, it is highly advised to stick to the original version.



The Arrivals was posted on YouTube in short consecutive episodes, and as they neared the end of the complete series, they introduced a video filled with some of their personal Islamic beliefs. To say this caused an outrage amongst their followers is definitely understating the reaction they received.

While the makers are free to form their own personal beliefs, many people complained that The Arrivals was just a front for them to promote their own brand of Islam. Whether or not this is true we do not know, but the one thing we can say for certain is that their beliefs do not follow what would be deemed as ‘mainstream Islam’. Viewers of The Arrivals are urged to keep this warning in mind when they evaluate all the information presented in the series.

As always, we should not try to force our opinions on others, so our comment is for viewers to do their own research on the information and form their own conclusions on whether the content is genuine. This advance naturally applies to both the whole of The Arrivals series, and every other documentary they ever watch.  We should never blindly accept anything as fact without verifying it.

We would also like to reiterate our warning in the conclusion about the graphic content and music. Probably the best way to give instructions on this is as follows: If you are a religious Muslim firmly on the straight path, then do not watch The Arrivals. It can only lead you astray.

But if you are a Muslim who is facing problems with the aspects of the Dunya covered in The Arrivals, and can not break free from their negative influence on your life, then the information contained in The Arrivals might just be the tonic you need to wake you up to the reality of worldly tools used by Satan to make you stray from the straight path. Allah knows best.

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