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Osama, not Obama, should have won the Nobel Peace Prize

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize produced a shock winner in US President Barack Obama. The decision to award the prize to Mr. Obama has been treated with much ridicule across the globe, which is entirely fair considering that he is yet to achieve anything in the push for world peace. It was maybe the first …

Osama, not Obama, should have won the Nobel Peace Prize

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize produced a shock winner in US President Barack Obama. The decision to award the prize to Mr. Obama has been treated with much ridicule across the globe, which is entirely fair considering that he is yet to achieve anything in the push for world peace.

It was maybe the first time that the prize has been awarded purely based on ambitions rather than results. It is like a student studying for a test, but before taking it they are awarded an A based on the fact that they studied hard and had the intention to get an A. Imagine if life was that easy for the rest of us.

In attempting to explain why they chose Obama as the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, the Nobel Prize jury have reasoned that “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future”. His efforts in international diplomacy and hastening nuclear disarmament have been well documented, but also fall into the ‘all talk and no action’ category.

Obama has also pledged his support to resolve the conflicts in the Middle East and vowed to join the fight against global warming. The world is still waiting for him to make true on these promises as well. For a man who says much but delivers little, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize seems highly politically motivated. Further fuel is added to this argument when you consider that he was nominated for the prize the day following his presidential inauguration.

It seems ironic that a nation which not so long ago used a lie to invade Iraq, kill their citizens and steal their oil can now produce a Peace Prize Winner. It is common knowledge that there were no weapons of mass destruction and the lack of arms is now joked about by US administration. For a nation that perpetuated one of the great lies in history to be trusted as an international mediator just years later seems highly unlikely, meaning Obama’s diplomacy efforts will surely continue to fall on deaf ears.


It is even more ironic that the Nobel Peace Price is named after Alfred Nobel: a man known for killing people. Nobel’s main claim to fame is as the inventor of dynamite, but he was also a proficient chemist, engineer and industrialist. At the time of his death, he was the owner of Bofors, which he had turned from an iron and steel mill into a major armaments manufacturer.

In 1888, a French newspaper confused the death of Nobel’s brother with Nobel himself, and published a scathing obituary. The headline read “The merchant of death is dead” and followed on with statements such as “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.”

It would certainly be one of the rare times when a human being reads his own obituary, and the negative criticism had a profound effect on Nobel. He decided to dedicate the bulk of his wealth to the formation of the Nobel Prizes, which he hoped would help to remove the tarnish from his name.

Nobel’s 1885 Will included the conditions upon which the Peace Prize should be judged. It stated that it should be awarded “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses.” Something must have changed over the years because the award has now been given to someone who has achieved none of these conditions.


‘Mr. All talk and no action’ has consistently failed to deliver on a string of promises he made both before and after he was elected US president. He has reneged on commitments to close the torture chambers at Guantanamo Bay, prosecute US citizens accused of torturing prisoners and fight global warming.

Pulling troops out of Iraq and improving the situation in Afghanistan are other promises that have fallen by the way side, with the war in Afghanistan instead being expanded into Pakistan. The commitment to end the war in Iraq has seen Obama turn 180 degrees, with the official line now changing to ‘some US troops may possibly leave Iraq at some stage in the future’.

Obama’s internal promises have also been broken. Reforms of the health care and immigration systems have not occurred, and no action has been taken on the gays in the military problem or limiting executive powers. All he has done is manage to escalate US debt and move his country further towards becoming a fully fledged police state.

The prize was awarded partly due to Obama’s vision of a nuclear free world. Perhaps he should look in his own backyard before demanding the rest of the world to comply with US orders. The situation is remarkably similar to the farce when Iraq’s ‘possession’ of weapons of mass destruction led to the US attacking them with their own weapons of mass destruction.

The US was the first country to develop nuclear weapons and currently stands as the only country to have ever used them in war before. They have also admitted to having more than ten active major nuclear weapon production facilities, although the real number may be far greater. Their current military arsenal of nuclear weapons stands at over 10,000, meaning that Obama has an internal mess to clean up before pointing the finger at other nations.

In the eyes of the Nobel Peace Prize judges, he has made a couple of great speeches about restoring harmony in the world. Sadly he didn’t even write them anyway, so he has still achieved nothing. In the past, you could not win a Nobel Peace Prize for talking and thinking about peace, but that has all changed this year.


It may seem appropriate to comment that the Peace Prize judges have insulted prior winners by awarding this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama, but looking through the past recipients list brings up a number of other unworthy recipients. Sadly, the awards have lost their respectability many years ago, but after this Obama disaster the Nobel Prizes have sunk to a level below the Porn Oscars.

The Nobel Prizes are no longer about granting the awards to genuine recipients, but have instead become the gloating grounds for individuals responsible for furthering the globalist agenda. A strong bias towards certain groups is clearly evident. After all, Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939.

The prizes have faced damning criticism for many years, with many worthy achievements being overlooked. One classic example was the snubbing of Mahatma Gandhi for the Peace Prize year after year. Dubious and even fraudulent science has consistently been rewarded and often debunked years later. Former US Vice-president Al Gore fits the category like a glove, with his global warming science which won him the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize shown to be entirely fabricated shortly after receiving the award.

There is a heavy bias towards presenting the Nobel Prizes to Americans, with about one-third of all winners coming from the US. Barack Obama also becomes the fourth US president to win the Nobel Peace Prize. No other country has seen its leaders rewarded like this, which is ironic considering that no other country has been responsible for killing as many people in this last century. In fact, all of the US presidential winners have been responsible for war, including Obama. It begs the question – What drugs does someone have to be on to award a peace prize to a leader who is currently waging two wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan?

It is interesting to note the Jewish domination of the Nobel Prizes. Persons of Jewish descent have been the recipients of more than 20% of the awards given since the Nobel Prize’s inception, yet compromise less than 0.2% of the global population. This is a remarkable statistical anomaly, similar to the Obama’s personal selection and flooding of the US administration with Jews.

The Jewish Nobel Prize winner statistics are in stark contrast to the Muslim figures. The handful of Muslim Nobel Prize recipients consist of close to 1% of award winners, yet they represent around 20% of the global population. While there is no suggestion of a hidden Jewish agenda or conspiracy against Muslims, the disproportionate favouring of some religions and countries in the awards undoubtedly demonstrates evidence for bias.


Barack Obama is nothing more than a puppet for the globalist regime which controls the Nobel Prizes. After the mess that his predecessor George Bush left the world in, they needed a new face to push their fascist agendas, for which Obama fit the bill perfectly. He had a smiling face and the appearance of a trustworthy man. When he spoke he advocated peace and change. His skin colour and multi-ethnic background meant he would appeal to a wider range of races globally. Ultimately, Obama was the perfect pawn.

With the stage set, Obama was inaugurated not only as the US president, but as the unofficial leader of the world. The media urged their respective nations to adopt US policies and take steps towards becoming a police state like the ‘land of the free’. We have seen the fruits of Obama spread across the globe, with national ID card schemes, more intrusive border crossing checks, misdemeanours turned into jailable offences, increased public surveillance and tracking, as well as the profound loss of human rights and liberties we have taken for granted.

The plan has worked well. The public have been giving up their freedoms in the name of peace and change. The true test of Obama’s abilities to convince the world into accepting the ridiculous is now upon us in the form of the Swine Flu. We are being told that everyone needs to be vaccinated, even though the vaccine is unsafe and ineffective. Will the masses listen to Obama and his reassurances that the vaccine will help us?

It remains to be seen whether the US population and indeed the global community falls into yet another Obama trap. It also remains to be seen whether Obama can bring to fruition many of the dreams and ideals that led to him being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. As it stands, Obama has been stockpiling words, but is yet to commence action.

If talking about peace and not doing anything about it is criteria for the award, maybe next year we will see Osama bin Laden as a posthumous winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. He has also made some great speeches and largely sat around doing nothing.

If they can award a Peace Prize to a president who continues a war in two countries based on his own country blowing up the twin towers and blaming Muslims, then surely a man who was blamed for an act he didn’t commit and instead of retaliating lived a life of solitude in caves can be a worthy winner. The world has officially gone mad; Obama Mad.

Adam Roth

Adam Roth

Adam Roth is a convert to Islam from Australia. His background is in finance and business management, but now specialises in online marketing.
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