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London Olympics set for false flag Terrorist Bombings

26-Jul-2012 With the London Olympics ready to begin, and the opening ceremony scheduled for tomorrow evening, there is much excitement throughout both the UK, and the rest of the world. But going hand in hand with that excitement are some grave warnings about terrible disasters which will strike the Games. Numerous detailed warnings have been …

London Olympics set for false flag Terrorist Bombings


With the London Olympics ready to begin, and the opening ceremony scheduled for tomorrow evening, there is much excitement throughout both the UK, and the rest of the world. But going hand in hand with that excitement are some grave warnings about terrible disasters which will strike the Games.

Numerous detailed warnings have been placed in the public domain, but as quickly as they are being put up, the information is also being taken down. One of the main offenders is Youtube. Individuals have gone to a lot of time and effort to compile their proof into videos, and they are disappearing due to flimsy copyright violations.

It is for this reason we have elected to detail the evidences for a 2012 London Olympic Games attack in an article, rather than a video format which may lead to our Youtube account being suspended. However, we do recommend searching on Youtube for verifications to our presented evidences, as many videos are at this point in time still available.

We humbly request that you review all the information presented below with an open mind, and form your own opinion at the conclusion of the article. While you may not agree with one portion of the evidence, there may be other portions which you find irrefutable and absolutely agree with the information. So please reserve judgement until the article is completed.



In the 2 most recent major false flag attacks, the 9-11 and 7-7 bombings, there were numerous references or warnings to the attacks given through a variety of mediums. We have once again seen these warnings in a multitude of sources leading up to the 2012 Olympics, including television and print advertisements, movies, television shows, video games, songs, Olympic imagery, and various online and offline publications. The amount of references is comprehensive to say the least, and detailed information on them will be presented.

It is at this point in time we must address the portion of readers who still believe that the 9-11 and 7-7 attacks were carried out by Muslim terrorists. It has absolutely without a shadow of a doubt been proven that the respective governments of those nations carried out those attacks, and that muslims or terrorists had nothing to do with them. If you are still one of the minority of the worlds population who is under some sort of brainwashing spell and doesnt accept the facts, then go back to your TV and allow it to keep thinking for you and producing all of your opinions. Feel free to come back and read the article if these Olympic Games attacks do eventuate.

The number of references to the 9-11 twin tower bombings in the American film and TV industry prior to Sep 2011 is astounding. If we honestly listed them all, you would be reading for a very long time, so here are a selection of the attack imagery being placed within various movies, shows and publications.

Probably the most famous example is within the Illuminati card game. Created by real life Illuminati pawn Steve Jackson, the version released in 1995 called Illuminati: New World Order, contains 2 cards which depict the future 9-11 attacks. The 9-11 attacks are not the only world events they have accurately ‘predicted’, and hundreds of other cards contain imagery or events which have played out true in the years since the games release.

More physical references to the twin tower destruction can be found in films such as Armageddon, 1998

Super Mario Bros, 1993

A number of cartoons also have the same imagery, such as Marvel Two in One, 1983

Deathstroke, 1992

Mortadelo, 1993, is the most suspicious of these magazines. There was absolutely no need to draw a plane in there crashing in to the towers.

The June 2001 album cover for The Coup is equally suspicious, which was released just a few months before the 9-11 incident and also contained a number of Illuminati symbolism examples.

There have also been a number of numerical references to 911, but none more blatant than an episode of The Simpsons from 1997.

In the Independance Day film from 1996, Jeff Goldblum’s character miraculously calculates the time for the attacks on his laptop.

The complete date for the attacks was shown in The Matrix, 1999

A plea for caution of 9-11 was contained in Terminator 2, 1991

Godzilla, 1998, contained tonnes of 9-11 references and Illuminati symbolism, such as when the main character looks at his watch.

Also in Godzilla, the time 9-11 appears in one scene just as the reporter says “World Trade Centre Bombing”

There was even a whole episode on The Lone Gunmen, aired on March 4 2001, which involved a US government conspiracy to hijack a plane, fly it into the twin towers, and blame it on terrorists to gain support for a new profit-making war. Wow, thats exactly what happened in real life just months later.

The London underground attacks on 7-7-05 also had predictions of the event appear on their screens. The most notable one was the BBC Panorama episode which was aired in May 2004, exactly 14 months (7+7) before the real event was to occur. They depicted a mock exercise with terrorists bombing 3 underground trains and 1 road vehicle. Amazingly, the 7-7 attacks the following year also involved 3 underground trains and 1 road vehicle.


The BBC have once again placed themselves at the forefront of false flag warnings in the UK. They aired an episode of Spooks: Code 9 in August 2008, which featured a scenario where a nuclear attack was performed on the Olympic Stadium and 100,000 people were killed.

Apart from the blatant nuclear attack on the Olympic stadium, deeper investigation also reveals a number of interesting facts. The above picture shows an Illuminati pyramid below the explosion, and there are also 2 instances of the all-seeing eye symbolism in a couple of the episodes scenes.

The creator of the original Spooks drama is author David Wolstencroft. Two of his other books also contained the evil-eye on the covers.

The production company for the Spooks: Code 9 series is Kudos, a part of the Shine Group, which is a clear reference to sun god worship. Unsurprisingly, they also feature the one-eye on their website home page, and is still there as of today.

The numerical Illuminati symbolism is evident by renaming Spooks as Code 9, and there are plenty of other examples throughout the series, such as an episode where a character asks for five and a half hours to find the killer of a colleague. Why so specific and why such an unusual time? He then goes on to repeat it as 330 minutes, which is a reference to the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, and a favourite number of the Illuminati.

In late August 2011, the cover of the Private Eye magazine was meant to deal with the London riots, yet it made references to the Olympics when it had nothing to do with them. Not only did it have Olympic Rehearsal as the headline, the caption on their image was very interesting. It stated “This is the worst opening ceremony ever,” and as we will show later, that is when the attacks are believed to have been planned for.

David Thomas wrote a short story in the British newspaper in which he imagined a nuclear bomb going off at the Olympic Stadium and Trafalgar Square. It is believed he got the story from his father, who was a diplomat with strong intelligence links. Strangely he chose to publish the story under the name Tom Cain, which is a reference to being one of the ‘Sons of Cain’, a name high level initiates of the Illuminati refer to themselves as. The image below is a direct screenshot from the Mail Online website.

Known Illuminati front, the Rockefeller Foundation, published a report in 2010 named Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. Under the guise of “Imagining the Future”, they predicted on page 34 that 13,000 people would be killed at the 2012 London Olympic bombings. Apart from questioning why they ‘imagined’ it, people should also be wondering why they chose the exact number of 13,000. Why not 10,000, 20,000, or 50,000? It is simply because the number 13 is a known occult number, and this was intended as a sign for those in the know. You can view the complete report from the link below.

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

Adidas made an advertisement with an Olympic theme. During it, the words “About to Blow” are shown over the top of what appears to be a stadium.

The most interesting advertisement was a lengthy one made in China. It was approximately 5 minutes in length, and was made to promote the recently completed Euro 2012 Soccer tournament held in Poland and Ukraine.

The ad had a man singing to a background of terror attacks, and changed between scenes of a soccer game. As the above image shows, the scenery included London and Big Ben, although the tournament wasn’t even being staged there. The game and scene are then interrupted by armed soldiers, followed by tanks and other machinery. All of his has nothing to do with soccer.

It is definitely one of the more stranger advertisements in recent years, and doesnt appear to make any sense at all, especially considering it was a tournament China wasn’t even participating in. There was even a scene where a bomb was dropped on a stadium, and this seems to be a warning message to the Chinese elite about the Olympic stadium bombing.

Another scene in the advertisement depicts Big Ben being blown up. Once again, this soccer tournament had nothing to do with Big Ben or London, but as we will now see, Big Ben is another stated target for the 2012 London Olympics attacks.

Tron: Uprising is a 2012 TV series, which contains an interesting episode named “Blackout”. In it, there are stacks of references to the 2012 London Olympics, before an underground nuclear explosion occurs and the heroes race out of a system of underground tunnels on a motorbike, and then emerge where? Inside a stadium that looks exactly like the London Olympic stadium. If you dont know what the stadium looks like, there are images included later in the article.


There are countless examples pre-Olympic imagery depicting the destruction of Big Ben. But before we commence detailing them, there are a couple of interesting points to be made. Ben means son in Hebrew, or Sun as it is commonly switched to, which means the full name of Big Sun is related to the Illuminati practice of Sun God woship. It is also fascinating that just last month Big Ben was renamed to Elizabeth tower after the Queen.

To avoid diverting from the articles main topic, we wont go into too much detail on this, but in addition to all the Olympic attack symbolism, there is an equal amount which can be found on the changing of the head of the Royal Family. Evidence shows that the reign of Queen Elizabeth has been slated to come to an end, and Prince William is due to reign as King. Normally this would mean killing her, but the destruction of a renamed Big Ben could also suffice as a symbolistic end.

A 2009 episode of Dr. Who happened to feature the destruction of Big Ben.

The Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games video game has a lot of masonic symbolism. Firstly if you combine Mario and Sonic, you get the word Masonic. Their cover logo features a yellow block at the bottom which can be traced up to be a pyramid, with the London Olympics logo as the capstone. There is also a scene in one of their advertisements where Mario and Sonic perform a secret masonic handshake, and then it pans out to show them being in the Big Ben tower.

The television advertisement for Olympic.org, the official website for the Olympic movement, is almost purely a New World Order propaganda piece. We can get a sense of this immediately as it starts with the all-seeing eye symbolism.

The ad features athletes around the world pulling ropes and coming together. The destruction of the Big Ben is depicted soon after with one athlete slipping and his foot knocking it down.

The next clip of an athlete spells out the New World Order coming together.

The end of the animation is quite strange, as twirling fires can be seen to form the number 666, which is a commonly used occult number.

Getting back to the aforementioned Illuminati card game, there are also 2 cards which portray events at the 2012 London Olympics. The card ‘Population Reduction’ features 3 elements – the 911 warning buildings next to the London City Hall building. This is a unique building on our earth, and a close up of the card 100% confirms this is the building depicted. The biological attack cloud also hovers over the top, and more references to this attack will be shown later.

Population Reduction is an obvious aim of the Illuminati at the Olympics, and they will achieve it through the second card, ‘Combined Disasters’. Here we have shown the Illuminati triangle amongst the flames, and Big Ben being blown up. Amidst this terrible destruction, why have they gone to the effort of highlighting 5 people at the front of the flames? Even more worrying is the fact that they are all dressed in the Olympic colours: black,  green, yellow, blue, and red.

The 2006 animation Beastenders also features the Big Ben exploding, and a spooky face appearing in the explosion.

The video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has some shocking clues inside it. There is one game-time animation where a camcorder is filming a woman walking with her little girl near the Big Ben, and a white truck appears before an explosion takes place. A green gas plume indicates a biological weapon was detonated. There is also a clear-cut Illuminati frame where an eye is encased by a pyramid. There are stacks more examples contained within the game, and it is certainly produced with the assistance of high level Illuminati initiates.

The most recent New Years Eve fireworks event had a number of fireworks set to go off from inside the Big Ben, and it closely simulated what it would look like if the Big Ben exploded.


Apart from the Olympic stadium and Big Ben attack imagery, the London Underground also features prominently in a number of examples.

In the movie 2012, a character is about to take off in a plane and runs back into his motorhome to get a map. Although it had nothing to do with London, he pulls out a map of the London Underground. Even though he knew it wouldn’t help him, the movie made sure he paused and read the map, allowing the image to be absorbed by the viewers. 2012 and London Underground in the same Hollywood Illuminati production spells trouble. There also happens to be an Exit sign conveniently placed to the top right of the map. Now why would a map of the London Underground tube system be in a motorhome in America, and furthermore why would it have an exit sign inside it?

There is another scene in the movie 2012 which shows a television screen featuring a news broadcast. There is rioting in London and the caption reads “London: 30th Olympic Games Suspended”

The video game Traffic Panic London also contains references to the London Underground, as well as Big Ben. The cover clearly shows Big Ben behind a crash which looks more like an explosion, while an in game scene shows multiple explosions eminating from the Underground. There are also plenty of Illuminati symbols during the game, such as on billboard advertisements in the street settings, and the clock on the cover page is even set to 9-11.

There is a scene in this years movie The Dictator which goes a step further and shows multiple bombing targets for the London Olympics. The movies lead character is played a video game called Terrorist 2K12 (the first reference to a 2012 terrorist attack). A screen is shown where he has 6 options to select from. He clicks through 4 of them – Car Bombing (possibly outside Big Ben or another target), then Tokyo subway and London Underground (both could indicate underground trains), before finally settling on Munich Games (which refers to the Olympic Games).

The London Underground itself created a series of billboard style advertisements which it placed around their facilities and trains. The first one shown features regular everyday characters lining up as if before a race, but there are 2 suspicious looking muslims behind them in the background.

A second ad shows a group of happy and smiling people surrounding a pole vaulter, while a sinister looking muslim man once again stands behind the crowd and instead stares directly at the London Underground. The pole vaulter is a classy man in a full suit, and most likely represents the government and elite being above the line of attack. The prescence of the background muslims in both ads illustrates that they will once again be blamed for the attacks, and there is further evidence pointing to this conclusion in other unrelated television clips and movies. There is also a third advertisement shows a scene on a train where a basketball player is huddling and putting his fingers in his ears as if a loud explosion has just gone off.

Back in September 2003, the government organised mock exercises code named Operation Osiris. We were told it was designed to test the ability of the emergency services to respond to a chemical or biological attack in the London Underground. As with much of the Illuminati symbolism, the name extends from Egypt, where Osiris was known as the God of the Underworld, the Afterlife, and the Dead. Wonder why they chose that code name for their activities? While his attributes obviously connect with the London Underground and Death, it should also be noted that his green face corresponds to a chemical weapon attack.

V for Vendetta, the comic book and the 2005 film, both have clear Illuminati references throughout them. Starting with the comic, we find that the cover contains the all-seeing eye.

On page 35 of comic 6, the publisher, DC Comics, also has the one-eye as their logo.

On page 8 of comic 8, Aleister Crowleys famous Satanic phrase “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” is shown. Crowley was the 20th centuries most famous occulist and is a high level Illuminati member. Anyone familiar with Satanism will know this phrase well.

The comic books did not make mention the London attacks, but the movie certainly did. One scene shows a UK newspaper archive which features a picture of an underground train below the caption “Terrorists strike with biological weapon”.

At the end of the film, the lead character played by Natalie Portman exclaims “It’s time”, before a massive explosion occurs at the site of Big Ben. The explosion is precicely at 12pm, which just happens to be the end time of the opening ceremony.


The visual mediums aren’t the only ones being used by the Illuminati to spread their messages, with music artists heavily involved as well, through both their video clips of the the songs, and the lyrics themselves. The song Written on Her, by Birdman feat. Jay Sean, is one such example, with the music clip showing a meteorite going straight past the line of Big Ben, while 9-11 on the clock.

Here are some suspicious lyrics from other songs:

Dawn Richard – Bombs

I’m bout’ to blow, blow like an atom bomb
bout’ to explode, nowhere for you to run
bout’ to let go, built like a loaded gun
I’m bout to blow…

Bombs away give me that boom boom base
And watch a ********** lose his face
Bombs away say we ain’t playin’ games
We kickin’ ass and we takin’ names

Fergie – London Bridge

How come every time you come around
My London London Bridge wanna go down like
London London London, wanna go down like
London London London, we goin’ down like

Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – London Bridge

Ed: london bridge is falling down, falling down
And if it don’t stop falling, then all of us will drown
Then we’ll crash, crash, right down again
Oh we’ll crash, crash, right down again.

I didn’t see it coming,
I didn’t see the wall.
And I went from running, to a slow crawl.
I feel like I’m a child, but I’m afraid to cry,
Would say I’m okay but I’m afraid to lie.
I speak no evil, but hear no angels.

Muse – Survival

Race, life’s a race
And I am gonna win
Yes, I am gonna win

And I’ll light the fuse
And I’ll never lose
And I choose to survive
Whatever it takes
You won’t pull ahead
I’ll keep up the pace
And i’ll reveal my strength
To the whole human race
Yes i am prepared
To stay alive
I won’t forgive, the vengance is mine
And i won’t give in
Because i choose to thrive

I’m gonna win

Race, it’s a race
But i’m gonna win
Yes i’m gonna win
And will light the fuse
I’ll never lose
And i choose to survive
Whatever it takes
You won’t ṗull ahead
I’ll keep up the pace
And i’ll reveal my strength
To the whole human race
Yes I’m gonna win

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Win! Win! Win! Win!

Yes i’m gonna win

Survival by Muse is the official song of the London Olympics. While Survival might have to do with last one standing wins the gold medal, it more than likely refers to people surviving the attacks and trying to remain alive. If you look more closely at the lyrics, it is indeed to do with surviving and remaining alive, and other lines indicating an event are “will light the fuse” and “reveal my strength to the whole human race”. In fact, in the leaked playlist for the opening ceremony, practically every single song has references to death, nuclear bombs, uprising, chaos, and the underground.

Labrinth – Earthquake

Ladies and gentlemen
This is something they call
A ground breaker […breaker, breaker, breaker]
So let me first apologise
To the shirts and the ties
For your make up […make up, make up, make up]
Cause I’ll make you ugly
As soon as it drops
We’re on a rampage
Bottles popping off
Before you know it
There’s rubble and dust
‘Cause we’ll be fucking it up
Somebody say… (you better run)


I predict an earthquake
Up in here

Say yeah

I predict an earthquake
Up in here

‘Cause we throw bombs on it
Throw bombs on it
Just smash something
Yeah, mosh for me
(Hey) Yeah

The song Earthquake by Labrinth headlined the Olympic torch ceremony, and also makes clear references to the Illuminati and their Olympic bomb plot. But the video clip is even more revealing, with the setting being in what appears to be a facility underneath a stadium. His car mysteriously displays the numberplate Y ALL DED, which is common rapper slang for Y’all Dead, or You will all be dead.

There was also a BBC Olympic advert, which started scenes of destruction in London, before progressing to some nice imagery. In the background was the song “Londons Burning” with the lyrics constantly being repeated. At the end of the advertisement, a woman speaks the words “The Creation of a Super City”. Well, they certainly are planning to create something. A lot of sources point to an intention to create a new Jerusalem in England, and this is probably what they are referring to.

Rolling back to the recent Royal Wedding for a moment, the wedding ceremony contained a song of the old William Blake poem called ‘Jerusalem’. It speaks of building Jerusalem in England, and as mentioned previously, it is believed the Olympics are part of that hidden Agenda to bring Zion to England. More on the significance of Zion later. This song has also been floating around as a soundtrack for various clips on the news and tv. Here is the full text of the poem.

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold:
Bring me my arrows of desire:
Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire.

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land.

On a quieter note, the print news media has also been involved with their silent symbolism, through the use of pictures combined with words. The Telegraph online featured a banner with London Bound (London has reached its bound/term) with the news article below containing the text “The nuclear strength”.

The London Evening Standard was even more forthcoming with their predictions, having the date of July 27, 2012 followed by the text “The day London will Explode”. They conveniently made the font-size of that text just right so that the rest of the sentence was pushed on to the next line below. The image below the headline just happened to have somebody making an Illuminati triangle with their hands as well.



Looking into the games themselves, the evidence showing that the 2012 London Olympic Games is controlled by the Illuminati is overwhelming. One look at the Olympic mascots will confirm this easily. They went to all the trouble of creating them with 2 arms, 2 legs, a head and a body, yet decided to put just 1 eye in the middle. A clear representation of both the all-seeing eye, and also the Dajjal, who is otherwise known as the anti-christ. The Satanic Illuminati are eagerly awaiting the return of this one-eyed beast.

This image shows them in their full glory. One of them even features an Illuminati pyramid on top of its head. Notice the numbers 2 and 1 they are standing on. This is a reference to 21, or Blackjack as its known in the card game. Blackjack was also a symbolic slideshow story produced in The Telegraph. We will cover that in a moment, but first here are the mascots.

The Illuminati-Dajjal conspiracy gets even more intense if we examine the names of these 2 mascots, which are Wenlock and Mandeville. When combined, they form the sentence ‘We unlock man devil’. Considering this, it becomes clear that their intention is a mass sacrifice in which they believe they can bring the Dajjal into this world.

Now back to Blackjack for a moment, which was supposedly a fictional sildeshow story series in The Telegraph where there are nuclear attacks on major western cities worldwide. The first slide is a warning of imminent terrorist attacks, and strangely mentions the combination of Islamic and Christian doomsday cultists. This fits right in with the Olympic mascots, their names, and the fact that they were standing on 21 seems to show that this Blackjack slideshow was a follow-up from that imagery. We Unlock Man Devil fits in with both the Islamic and Christian endtime beliefs, where Jesus will battle against the Dajjal (Anti-Christ in Christianity).

The Blackjack slides also contain an image of an explosion near Big Ben, but perhaps the most intriguing image is one found later in the series. After the initial attacks, the Blackjack slideshow details how the Illuminati plan to restrict the freedoms on the citizens on the world through various forms of oppression. One of these is forcing an ID card upon them which they will not be able to purchase anything without. Exactly like the Bible prophesy in revelations where nobody would be able to buy or sell without having the mark of the beast.

The number seen on the card featured in this particular Blackjack slide, is actually a hex string. A hex string, or otherwise known as a hexadecimal string, consists of a combination of 6 letters (A to F) and numbers(0 to 9). We can convert hex strings to words using sites such as http://www.string-functions.com/hex-string.aspx. The result will shock you, and confirm that the Blackjack slideshow definitely has something more behind it.

In addition to the mascots, the logos wreak of Zionism. The zionism in the logos was also recognised back at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China, where the parts of the man formed the word Zion. There was also the New World Order influenced slogan of “One World, One Dream”. The mascots also featured plenty of symbolism.

The zionism in the London 2012 logo is even more blatant when the letters are shifted around. After being placed in order, the 0 and 1 trade places, while the last 2 turns slightly. Then the extra dot is placed on top of the I of zion. I said more blatant before because of the presence of this dot. There is no need for it in 2012, and it looks completely out of place. Its obvious purpose is to become the top dot on the I of zion.

Further confirmation that the logo revolves around Zionism was given in a 2007 speech by the London Lord Mayor at the unveiling of sculpture named the ‘Spirit of Zioism’. He said the sculpture was “in keeping with the Zion theme that we presented in our 2012 Games Logo”. The creator, 95-year-old acclaimed artist Louise Bourgeoi, said at the opening ceremony “The piece, when you are inside of the sculpture, conveys the feeling of fear that is daily life for Palestinian families”. What is the purpose of building a giant 9 metre (30 foot) tall spider anyway is anyones guess.

The 2012 London Olympic logo was created by Wally Olins, the Illuminati’s preffered branding specialist and founder of Saffron Brand Consultants. They have created the logos for other big-gun companies such as GE, Unilever, and Starbucks. Wally has previously revealed that his Dad is a freemason, and that he asked him to join. In keeping with the secret oath, Wally can not reveal whether he has also joined the decks of the Freemasons, but we can safely assume his avoidance of the question as confirmation that he is.

The athletes medals at the Olympic Games have also been examined by experts specialising in locating hidden imagery. A number of strange looking characters have been found, and it has been concluded that the characters and scenes are portraying events in the Bible. In addition to the biblical scenes, there is a distinct owl, man with a sword, and at least 3 images of a head being cut off.



Further Illuminati symbolism can be found directly in the design of the main Olympic stadium. There are signs within the stadium itself, but probably the most glaring and obvious example is contained within the lighting that surrounds the top of the stadium. It is shaped as a pyramid, with the capstone being the light.

Much has also been made of the sites chosen location. One of the main criticisms is that they chose to build it on top of the old site for an experimental nuclear reactor, which some believe to still exist directly underneath the stadium itself. What isnt in dispute is the fact that is has been built on tonnes of radioactive waste, potentially rendering the site useless for development after the games.

Rik Clay revealed the intriguing road setup surrounding the stadium a few years ago. Biblical references can be found in practically every surrounding road, and is believed to represent the surrounding of Zion. Roads include Angel Lane, Temple Mills Rd, Carpenters Rd, Church Rd, Great Eastern Rd (Great Eastern Star), and East Cross Route (Reference to both the Eastern Cross, and also known as the A12, or 12 Apostles). There are also nearby references to energy Ley Lines, and if you continue down Roman Rd you will come to Bethnal Green. This is similar to Mark 11:11 in the Bible where Jesus leaves with the 12 disciples to Bethany. Bethnal Green just happens to be exactly 3.3 miles from the centre of London (33 degree in Freemasonry).


The public as become increasingly worried with the militarisation on the streets of London. One political commentator has noted that it looks like London is preparing for a massive war, with a little bit of the games on the side. There are heavily armed battleships on the Thames River, missile batteries all over the city, and pilotless drones hovering around with laser guided bombs.

Great Britain will be putting all of its security forces on duty for the 2012 Olympic Games, including the police, army, navy, air force, MI5, and special forces. They will also be utilising some outside assistance, with 500 CIA agents, 500 FBI agents, and agents from Mossad (Israeli secret service) joining to assist them in their planning. We can understand them seeking help from the most powerful nation in the world, but why a tiny nation like Israel? Isn’t it funny how they have invited help from the 3 agencies or forces who were behind the 9-11 attacks? There are also up to 25,000 mainly foreign mercenaries being hired to guard the games, many of which are American and German troops.

The firm selected to provide security for the London Olympics was the security firm G4S. Further investigation into the foreign company revealed that they have strong links to Mossad, and also provide security for Israeli checkpoints and settlements in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories. Israeli security firms were also heavily involved with the security of critical parts of the 9-11 plot, so once again this is a worrying sign.  G4S has recently faced criticism for its poor security performance in London to date, with investigative reporters able to walk fake-bombs through holes in their security zones, almost as if the holes have been intentionally planned.

Probably the most worrying piece of evidence uncovered by reporters in the lead up to the games is the secret ordering of 200,000 funeral casket linings (or coffins), each able to hold up to 4 bodies. This is one of the tell-tale signs of an impending attack, and is similar to when the Australian government ordered a high-capacity morgue van and placed it in the small rural town of Port Arthur before their previous ‘terror attack’. Images below are not the actual casket linings in London, but are of the same type which have been ordered by G4S.

Another ominous sign is the abstention or avoidance of the Olympic Games by numerous high profile world leaders and celebrities. Celebrities like David Beckham and Robbie Williams will not be in attendance. We may only get a complete list after the games, but so far there have been public announcements of their non-attendance from the leaders of Australia, Argentina, Canada, India, Iran, and Israel, combined with some incredibly flimsy excuses. Many other heads of state will not be attending, and most of these are from the Western nations. The excuse of Israeli President Shimon Peres may be the worst of them all. He blamed not wanting to violate the Sabbath, although he is not religious and it has never stopped him in the past, before stating he would be watching it on TV, which is also a violation of the Sabbath.

In an interview published on the Press TV website, American military analyst Gordon Duff was quoted as saying “Israel is likely to try to precipitate a war on Iran by staging an attack on the US, its forces in the Persian Gulf region or on a European NATO target, most likely the London Olympics…. There has been highly credible information that an attack on the Olympics is planned.” Then just 4 days ago, all the major newspapers were publishing a story about an Iranian terror squad being in Europe and planning to attack their athletes at the Olympics. This plot doubles as a way to blame Iran for the impending London bombings, and also provide protection during to the Jews when the bombings occur. The news articles note Mossad will be protecting both Israeli athletes and VIPs.


Going back to the attack symbolism featured by the media and entertainment companies, the potential date for the attacks has been encoded in many scenes. It is clearly being shown as the 27th of July. There is evidence to suggest that the 27th of July is the actual attack date, but there is also the possibility that it is just referring to that date to advise people that the attack will occur sometime during the Olympics.

Besides some of the aforementioned evidence pointing to a bomb being detonated after straight after the opening ceremony on July 27th, there are other factors to consider including the occult significance of that date in particular. According to an article in Passport Magazine, the 27th of July is the date of a Grand Climax, and requires a human sacrifice to be performed.

I, Pet Goat 2, is an animation produced by Heliofant. The goat is a well known reference to the Occult, and the symbolism contained in this short animation is everywhere. In fact, it seems to be a production of pure Illuminati symbolism. The length of the clip just happens to be 7:27. This may be a fluke normally, but it isnt once you consider that the Heliofant cover features a character called Drako, a sorcerer who is involved in trickery, lies, wars, and False-Flag Events.

The 7:27 time format is distinct to America, and we also see countless examples of this date throughout their visual entertainment, with a specific focus on a clock with the hands pointing to 6 and 11. Although there are many other movies we could provide screenshots from, a particular episode of The Simpons combines this with some other symbolistic factors. At one point, radioactive waste is blown up by the government forces in a train station. Strangely, someone in the crowd asks why “it couldn’t be blown up by a woman of colour”, which indicates the London train bombing will be blamed on people of colour, or arabs.

Immediately after the explosion, a clock lands in the backyard of Homer Simpson, with the hands pointing to the 6 and the 11. Interestingly, if it is turned upside down, it shows 9-11.

But even more interesting is the application of one of the Illuminati’s favourite pastimes, and looking into the numerical symbolism a bit further. If you remove the 2 numbers that the hand is pointing to, and add up the totals on each side, you get 34 and 27. Adding the 3 and the 4 together makes the total 7/27. The episode then continues on and in a following scene the town hires a Terrorism Consultant from London, England. Amazing coincidence right?

Over in Australia, where they display the dates in the correct order of 27/7, we find their Olympic commercials hiding these numbers in the same types of patterns. The Australian television ads are just one of many Olympic ads or presentations where athletes have numbers on them indicating 27/7. They also feature a clock on the Big Ben with the same time as shown in the Simpsons, and then a long jumpers number is the first of multiple 27/7 examples contained within the commercials for the WIN network.


The evidence strongly suggests that the UK and other worldwide government forces are collaborating to execute a false flag bombing which will be blamed on terrorists. It is not our position that these attacks will definitely happen, however the evidence is so overwhelming that it is hard to envision them not occuring. It is a bit like dark black clouds appearing in the sky – rain will almost certainly follow, but there may be a small chance that it passes by. However, based on the evidence presented in this article, it is strongly advised to get out of London while the Olympic Games are on. Better to be safe than sorry.

Update – We are pleased to announce that through the warning given in this article, and also from thousands of other truth seekers on their websites and YouTube channels, that the Illuminati did not go ahead with this false flag attack.

Adam Roth

Adam Roth

Adam Roth is a convert to Islam from Australia. His background is in finance and business management, but now specialises in online marketing.
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