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Interview with a Muslim Jinn Audio Review

The world of the Jinn is a subject which fascinates the vast majority of muslims. They merely need to hear the word Jinn and their ears will prick up with excitement. So when a muslim hears that somebody has talked with and interviewed a Jinn, it is only natural that this topic will generate a …

Interview with a Muslim Jinn Audio Review

The world of the Jinn is a subject which fascinates the vast majority of muslims. They merely need to hear the word Jinn and their ears will prick up with excitement. So when a muslim hears that somebody has talked with and interviewed a Jinn, it is only natural that this topic will generate a large amount of interest.

The title is definitely an attention grabber, and will undoubtedly cause many people to experience flashbacks if they have seen the famous movie Interview with a Vampire. This may be where they came up with the title, as Interview with a Muslim Jinn follows a remarkably similar storyline – where a human being sits down and conducts an interview with a Jinn.

This situation was said to have occurred a few decades back, where Egyptian journalist Mohamed Isa Dawud asked over 100 questions to the Jinni in a sit down interview. He then wrote a book detailing his experience, which was published in 1992 in Arabic, Indonesian, and Malay.

Before you get too excited, this book has not been adapted into a Hollywood style movie, but instead was read by Scholar Ahmad Ezzat, who conducted a lecture on the topic where he discussed the books contents with an eager audience. This lecture is available free to the public online through sites such as Youtube, but is only in audio format.

Before we go further into the information presented in this lecture, we must emphasise the Islamic position on material such as this. Although frowned upon, contact and discussions between humans and jinn are definitely possible, but we must be aware that the jinni may not always speak the truth.

The Jinn are just like the human race in this regard. They may speak the truth, or they may lie. No matter how honest or religious a person or jinn is, we should never accept anything they say as being the 100% truth. So while the information may be 100% true and accurate, it could also be entirely made up. You must use your own judgement while listening and form your own opinions on its authenticity.

Apart from the possibility of deliberate lies, there may also be incorrect statements due to a lack of knowledge or from repeating untrue information gained from other individuals. A classic example in our lives is the mainstream media. How many people blindly believe that muslims in planes were responsible for 9-11 just because it was on TV, when it is now commonly known the US government actually blew the buildings up.

In saying that, the information revealed by the jinni is fairly inline with the existing Islamic beliefs. None of the topics he speaks about have wild or impossible stories, and everything mentioned is entirely believable. Based on my knowledge, and also from the knowledge of others who have commented on the lecture, none of the material discussed is in conflict with any islamic beliefs or notions.

Interview with a Muslim Jinn is an extremely interesting lecture. If you already have a good insight into the world of the Jinn and supernatural events, then what you will hear will be like the missing jigsaw puzzle pieces that you need to put everything in place. Ahmad Ezzat also interacts frequently with the audience, who participate throughout and ask many thought provoking questions.

The lives of the Jinn are discussed in great detail. We are told that they generally live between 3,000 and 6,000 years, and in some cases live to 7,000 years and beyond. Female jinn have a 15 month pregnancy, and then nurse their offspring for up to 50 years, in which time the babies sleep 90% of the time. They are also born in litters, with 7-9 babies being the norm, and most marry when they reach the age range of 150-200 years.

Just as humans compare their lifespans to dogs and have come up with the concept of dog years, the extended lifespans of the jinn also brings a similar comparison. The jinni being interviewed gives his age as 180 years, which he mentions as being the equivalent of a human teenager around the ages of 15-17 years. He also mentions that he is a Prince of the Jinn, who converted to Islam after being exorcised from a human by an Egyptian Sheik, and after his conversion another 1,000 of his personnal guards also accepted Islam.

The world of the Jinn is not that much different to our world. They also have towns, cities, countries, and communities, some which of which are in another dimension within the places we occupy, but many are located in the spaces which are uninhabitable for us, such as on the oceans, in the deserts, and high in the mountains.

For the ones that choose to dwell in the human habitats, they will often choose to reside with those of the same spiritual liking. Jew jinn will live with Jew humans, and Christian jinn with Christian humans, and so on. He also mentioned that there are tonnes of Jew jinn in Israel, and Muslim jinn love to seek out the homes of good muslims, so they can learn from them, and pray with them.

Muslim jinn also faced similar trials in life to humans, and suffer persecution from other jinn just as we do, and can even die as martyrs. This is why they love finding the homes of religious muslims, and if they are saddened when their hosts don’t pray or commit sins. Conversely, if they are pleased with you they will make dua for you. If this part is true, it certainly gives you something to think about when it comes to keeping your prayer obligations and living a sin-free life.

The jinni also repeats Muhammad’s warnings when it comes to hanging photos and images within your home. The muslim jinn extremely dislike this, and furthermore, these images act as a gravity to the Shaitan. We are then advised to cover the images up at all times, even if this means storing away our newspapers and magazines out of sight.

We are also warned about leaving rooms empty for an extended period of time. The Shaitan love to move in to places where Allah is not being remembered, and for example if we do not enter or use a guest room or attic for a period of a month, we can expect a Shaitan to move in there, and it may be difficult to remove them afterwards.

Some other jinn instead choose to live in places of filth. The jiini confirms the hadiths about the shaitan living in the toilets, but also mentions brothels, slaughterhouses, and nightclubs as being places of preference. In fact, the music that is played in the nightclubs is responsible for inducing a change in the state of mind in humans, which allows the jinn to enter their bodies, and they are the place where the majority of possessions occur.

There are even jinn which live inside the vaginas of women, in particular prostitutes. They have the ability to make any man who has sex with that woman want to come back for more, like an addiction. They can also live in the anus of men and women if they perform those activities, and make it more loveable to them so they keep on sinning. He also mentioned that the jinn are responsible for large numbers of miscarriages.

One of the questions asked was about the difference between a jinni and a shaitan. It was answered by saying that all shaitans are jinn, yet not all jinn are shaitans. Shaitan are the offspring of Iblis, who is of course a jinni, and it is also mentioned that his children are born horribly ugly and disfigured. They also have their own camps and cities which they live in too.

We often hear stories about marriage between humans and jinn, and these are also questioned. It was told it is essentially impossible, but if there was ever a case, children would definitely not be possible. The possibility of aliens was also questioned, but he had not seen any evidence either way to confirm or deny.

The physical features of a jinn are also discussed. I was surprised to hear the the majority of the males are bald, while the females normally have long hair reaching to the ground. Of course, they come in more than one form, and there are some which are the shape of animals. There is also a special type of jinn and these are responsible for the pranks such as crop circles that appear all over the world.

Another mischevious act done by jinn is the impersonation of dead humans. This is of course done by the deceased’s Qareen, or constant companion, who has followed that human in their life since their birth. They will even sometimes take their form or voice and appear to them as a vision or heavenly revelation. Many people have been fooled by them in the past, and with the appearance of strong evidence such as this, it isnt hard to see why.

While on Qareens, he says that Muhammads Qareen is still alive, and the crowds are so large it is extremely hard to get in to hear him talk. Finally, the jinni elaborates on their ability to take the forms of other people, animals, or objects. He says it is not easy to do at all, that they run the risk of dying, and have no guarantee that they can change themselves back. It is such an exhausting process that if they do it, most of them will never do it again afterwards.

The full lecture contains much more information than I have mentioned, and I have only covered some of the points of which I consider to be unique to this lecture. There are many other great lectures on the jinn by scholars who have first hand experience with them, and Interview with a Muslim Jinn is definitely a in a different class with a lot of its previously unheard information.

Interview with a Muslim Jinn is recommended to those seeking some interesting entertainment, and can be downloaded and listened to while driving to work. As mentioned previously, we shouldn’t really take the lecture as a source of information, as none of it has been confirmed, but I would go as far as saying it has the ability to increase ones faith and improve their iman, and even provide answers to some of the more mysterious worldly issues.

The Interview with a Muslim Jinn lecture can be found on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk51OizBdTo

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