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How Muslims in Africa Evade AIDS

Africa is a continent greatly affected by AIDS, millions have succumbed to this deadly disease. The AIDS virus HIV is believed to be spread through the exchange of body fluids like blood, mucous etc. Hence casual sex is a root cause. Amazingly we see that the number of those afflicted by AIDS in the Muslim …

How Muslims in Africa Evade AIDS

Africa is a continent greatly affected by AIDS, millions have succumbed to this deadly disease. The AIDS virus HIV is believed to be spread through the exchange of body fluids like blood, mucous etc. Hence casual sex is a root cause. Amazingly we see that the number of those afflicted by AIDS in the Muslim majority areas in northern Africa are either low or negligible. What is behind this vast difference.

There are Muslim scholars who say that this is a prime example of what adhering to the tenets of Islam and avoiding casual sex can achieve. But we are not convinced that this might be the reason. Because we also see that when you compare the disease maps for other infectious disease like tuberculosis, Malaria etc, they coincide almost exactly with those for AIDS.

We believe the factors that drive this difference are the improved living conditions, the high level of cleanliness demanded by Islam that makes even the poor conscientious about hygiene. And most importantly the avoidance of vaccines by the Muslims who are aware of the Haraam constituents of vaccines such as aborted fetal tissue, and porcine based ingredients. So less people suffering from low immunity to disease.

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The Video transcript is below:

I recently came across an image showing that AIDS is almost non-existent in the Muslim areas in Africa where they are a majority, and very high rates of AIDS are found in the non-Muslim countries there. This belief was being promoted by the famous Islamic Scholar Bilal Philips, who claimed they back up his argument that Islam’s strong stance against extra-marital sex, and that the best protection for HIV is to not have sex outside of marriage. But is this representation accurate, and does following Islam offer protection against AIDS.

It must first be confirmed that the information presented in the image does represent the general situation in Africa, where the AIDS rates are much higher in the southern parts of Africa, and very low in the far northern part. It is also true that Muslims mainly live in the north, while the middle and south of Africa are predominantly Christian nations.

If we combine this data with the commonly held belief that AIDS or HIV is sexually transmitted, then you can certainly form a good case for the image being true. However, both common sense, further research, and a little bit of critical thinking will prove otherwise.

First of all, when we apply common sense to the situation, such as the fact that Christians also share the same beliefs as Muslims when it comes to extra-marital sex, this certainly shows that there must be some other cause of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Our second confirmation of the AIDS fallacy is that other distribution maps for other diseases also mirror the AIDS prevalence. We see Yellow Fever, Pneumococcal Disease, Tuberculosis, and Malaria also have the majority of cases recorded in the Middle and South, and very little in the North.

Not only is there more disease in the bottom 2/3rds of Africa, but there is also more poverty. These people are plagued by chronic food shortages, contaminated water supplies, and unhygienic living conditions.
But maybe the most crucial factor is the distribution of vaccines, often enforced by the military at gunpoint. We know that the vaccines destroy the immune systems of the recipients, and by design, they also directly cause the disease they are supposed to protect against. This fact was recently confirmed by the release of data from the Council on Foreign Relations, and as David Icke rightly pointed out in his meme on the data, the most vaccinated countries get more of the diseases they are supposed to stop.

It would be nice if we could produce a map showing the vaccine uptake in Africa, but unfortunately the statistics are totally unreliable. The WHO and UNICEF have admitted that all data is not only flawed, but extremely inaccurate, and the problem lies in the fact that the government agencies and politicians are paid fees, commissions and bonuses for ensuring high vaccination rates. Since government corruption rife in these areas, the figures are just plucked out of thin air, with many countries falsely claiming 100% vaccination rates.

What we do have is a correlation with the vaccine distribution matching the disease maps for medical conditions known to be caused or exacerbated by vaccinations. One classic example is Alzheimer’s and Dementia, which are well known to be related to heavy metal toxicity. Vaccines contain deadly substances like mercury and aluminium, and they are injected directly into the body. These metals will often accumulate in the brain tissues, leading to both Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The real difference between the north and south divide between Muslim and Christian nations in Africa is that according to Islam, vaccinations are Haraam. There is no prohibition to be found in the Bible, while Islam does not allow vaccines due to their ingredients being unlawful.

Now while there are many of the so-called Muslim politicians or leaders in countries who enforce vaccines upon the population, in order to receive generous kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies, and there are plenty of scholars-for-dollars who will give a fatwa for a shiny new Lamborghini, the fact remains that the Muslim community at large is fairly well educated about the correct ruling on vaccines, with local Imams often advising the communities of the both the permissibility and dangers of vaccinations.

So while the original image contained accurate data that the Muslims experience far lower rates of AIDS than other religious groups in Africa, the reason is not due to abstaining from illicit sexual relations, but more so due to them following the regulations of Islam, which includes the abstinence from vaccines. Less vaccines equal stronger immune systems, and less disease from both the general environment, and the vaccine itself.

We see clear confirmation of this with the other disease maps, which show that the Muslim populations in Africa experience far lower rates of every single disease. In addition to the vaccine factor, there are other facets of Islam which provide protection for the Muslims, such as the laws regarding cleanliness, covering things like sanitation, the washing of hands before meals, the washing of kitchen utensils, and the covering of pots.

So why don’t Muslims in Africa get HIV and AIDs? Because they follow the commands of Allah, and these seemingly simple steps offer great protection from the worst of diseases.

On a final note, I just wanted to clarify that the so called disease of AIDS does not even exist. It is a misdiagnosis, and while the patient is genuinely sick, they actually have one of a number of other conditions. Now this revelation doesn’t change what was presented in this video, since AIDS is just a label given to another disease or condition, which the Muslims are still able to avoid by following the guidelines set down in Islam.

It is a fact that AIDS is a massive scam, and there is big money involved. We plan to reveal the full details in a later video, insha allah, so please remember to click to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Assalamu Alaikum

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