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Are we craving to be deceived?

It amazes me to look at how we have been brainwashed into willingly looking forward for deception, we live in an era that is unlike any time in the past Sadly we call it the modern era or the developed society however if we look at it consciously one would realize that in reality we …

Are we craving to be deceived?

It amazes me to look at how we have been brainwashed into willingly looking forward for deception, we live in an era that is unlike any time in the past

Sadly we call it the modern era or the developed society however if we look at it consciously one would realize that in reality we have evolved into being the most unethical society

I’m sure some of the readers are already skeptical about my claim therefore let me throw in an example and maybe you would see the point

We have idols and super stars who in reality live a life of turmoil with drugs, alcohol and debt while those who are the real hero’s such as a common man next door are forgotten/ignored

You take a name such as Sharukh Khan a mega star of the Indian Bollywood industry or Tom Cruise of Hollywood who is craved by millions as cool and their movies are always in the “Must Watch” list


Have you ever wondered as to who created these false characters into this huge star that they claimed to be today, common man as you and I are responsible for the rise of this mirage

One would wonder why I call them a mirage but if you think about it, In today’s movies the Story is written by someone, costumes are designed by another, acting is coached by a director, stunts are performed by a body double, dances are choreographed by someone else while a wall of makeup is applied on the movie stars to make them look unrealistically good looking, these false puppets who are called mega stars merely do nothing of their own, yet they are paid millions to simply appear in a movie and we as fools line up at the cinema to watch their movies and at times even shed a tear or too when they die on screen or when they cry on screen

It is interesting to understand the real meaning of the word actor: “A person who behaves in a way that is not genuine”

Are we not willingly deceiving ourselves?

Meanwhile the other side of this story is that the real heroes are ridiculed and given complete negative image by the masses, for example let’s look at a simple laborer who works at a grocery store pulling heavy luggage for nearly 12 hours a day simply because he has an old mother along with his wife and 3 kids who have to eat and if he does not work these long hours he would not be able to provide for the kids education or the mothers medical bills let alone the wellbeing of his wife


The laborer earned a meager sum compared to the false character who earns millions yet Ironically these poor people would spend their hard earned money to go watch a movie and help those false hero’s to make a lavish living, if you ask him why the poor man would say “it is a temporary state of enjoyment” which can be translated as a form of deceiving himself to believe that life is wonderful for the next two hours during the movie, (we are deceived into believing life can be wonderful only by living like in the movies)

Furthermore some faatic idolize these movie stars and would go to many heights to meet them,  If this hard earning laborer would like to meet the so called false mega star he would be scoffed at and chased away by Security guards who are paid poor salaries to protect a mirage against such lowly beings


Are we not willingly deceiving ourselves?

Moreover we have reached the epitome of deception when the so called mass media will feed us with falsified information such as commercials which will tell you that if you are not fair skinned you are not pretty and therefore you have to use a fairness cream or you would be told that only those who have a slim lean body are beautiful and none other can live on earth unless you look like the false actors


The irony once again is that we will eventually purchase these items at least to try them out and we give much needed revenue to the bogus companies who earn money by selling such false items

Are we not willingly deceiving ourselves?

There are many more instances that we as humans give in to deception and continue to be brainwashed

We as humans are aware of the poverty situations in many parts of the world situations and many of us have the intention to get involved to eradicate poverty however our deceived minds make us believe that we need more before we could start to help others and this leads us on a rat race that can never be won yet we believe that someday we will win


Many  intellectual minds  around the world have mentioned that there is enough wealth on this earth to eradicate poverty many times over yet man is on a constant strive to amass more wealth


Those who own a car are waiting to buy a better more luxurious car those who own a house want to buy a condominium, you may have a steady earning yet you are yearning for a better pay and always looking to earn more

Very few of us are actually content with what we have

If the number of people who intend to help actually do we could still manage to make this planet a better place for the less fortunate

The deception mainly effects our understanding of the purpose of life, today we have failed to understand it and sadly our minds have been warped into making us believe that we have different purposes and this again is a greater form of deception


The time is now for us to walk away from this deception sadly many who read this already are aware that most of what is said in this is true yet we have dived too far into the deep and find it impossible to swim ashore

Let’s not wait for the change to come we need to become the change that we expect from the rest of the world

Ponder upon your life and look around you & realize what the priorities are and look at what you have been chasing, is it really the ultimate requirement, (what if you heart stops working the next moment can you be content with what you have done in this life.)

Only those who work in the cause of helping others can positively claim that they are happy

By Ridha Alayad

Ridha Alayad

Ridha Alayad

Ridha has been working in the Airline industry for over 19 years, and enjoys volunteering for charity and contributing to the society through social work.
Ridha Alayad
Ridha Alayad

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Ridha Alayad
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